Thursday, January 13, 2005

Gaia Girl Gone Wild

Thoughts on Mother Earth's hormonally imbalanced temper tantrums:

California: A good tsunami would wash away all of those collapsed mudslides...

On my Sympathy Scale, rich californians with no sense of geology are just below radical Indonesian Islamic folks who live on islands and don't know how to swim.

The Buck Stops... um... over there?

CBS fired four people because they either got snookered by a fake document -- or they reported a lie.

Imagine what would happen to the Bush administration if we never found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!




Tuesday, January 11, 2005

All News is Marketing?

"When I hear the word "marketing", I reach for my gun." -- Shark

For the last few years, I've been saying "ALL NEWS IS MARKETING -- and ALL MARKETING IS NEWS." Some folks don't understand what I mean, whereas others have criticized me for being cynical and/or obtuse.

Well, here's a story that serves as an excellent example -- more evidence for my pet mantra -- and one big reason I believe Democracy and America the Ideal are soon to be little more than dead memories from a distant past.

While the media plays up the CBS story like it was a Tsunami of Unethical Liberal Media Bias, they're ignoring the much bigger story: Armstrong Williams, an alleged "journalist" was paid $240,000 (in taxpayer dollars), by the Department of Education to promote President Bush's No Child Left Behind.

Williams was paid to talk up Bush's bullshit legislation in op/ed pieces and in a nationally syndicated television show "The Right Side." (He was mainly tapped to bring those pesky Democratic Negroes over to the side of God's Own Party (GOP) in the '04 election.)

Ketchum Public Relations handled the deal, giving out American taxpayer dollars to promote partisan propaganda. Does that name ring a bell? Well, those are the same people who brought you Karen Ryan, a PR actor who posed as a reporter in 2004 in a FAKE NEWS REPORT to promote President Bush's Medicare reform plan -- which the nonpartisan General Accounting Office determined were illegal because they violated a ban on publicly funded "covert propaganda."

A GAO report ruling the Bush administrations actions as illegal apparently means nothing to Karl Rove and the Junta in the White House, because Karen Ryan reappeared just in time for the election -- doing another FAKE NEWS STORY on -- yep, No Child Left Behind.

It would be funny if it weren't so despicable.

In a gigantic display of the hypocrisy so rampant in the GOP, Williams web site describes himself as "independent" and "a principled voice for conservatives."

Ah, yes. And Bush loves the environment and hates "nation-building".

In recent years, the Bush administration and the Monolithic Right Wing Propaganda Machine (FOX, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise, et al) has turned "Marketing as News" and "News as Marketing" into an art.

The government entity responsible for "No Child Left Behind" -- which is under-funded by some $7 billion a year -- can still manage to find a almost a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer money to pay some Media Whore to stand on the media street corner and spread his legs for the White House's Mind Control Program.

Meanwhile, the MAIN PIMP (aka The Bush Administration) in this ILLEGAL activity blamed the Department of Education. Hey, maybe they were responsible for Abu Ghraib and the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?

So once again, the most blundering and corrupt presidency in American history passes the buck.

"The buck stops here!" has become "What? Me Worry?"

This is just part of the story, and yet another example of why the Democrats will not regain power in the foreseeable future: the Nasty Right is much more organized, well financed, well placed -- and will stop at nothing when it comes to marketing their 'ideas' and holding onto power.

One of the leading powers in this propaganda manipulation movement is the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing "think tank" which spends millions of dollars coming up with new plans, policies, and euphemisms to hide their Capitalist/Conservative agenda.

Paul Weyrich, Heritage's founder, has defined their political strength as "the four M's: mission, money, management and marketing."

Edwin Feulner, Heritage Foundation's current president: "We stress an efficient and effective delivery system. Production is one side; marketing is equally important..."

There's that word again: "Marketing". It's not about substance, quality, or long term goals; it's about marketing, it's about perception, it's about selling the American public some insane, partisan idea that will screw millions of people and make a handful of ultra-rich Americans even richer.

'Cause that's what marketing is all about.

"I got mine. I'll get more. And fuck you."

The difference now is that they're using our own money to sell us bad ideas that will screw us in the long run.

"Psst. Hey, sailor. Wanna buy a used Iraq?"