Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sorry. I've been missing...

Sorry, kids. I've had two problems lately:

1) vacation - you know how vacations are; you spend some time relaxing, enjoying the environment, and looking thru local want ads and wondering if you can REALLY survive in a cardboard box on the nearby beach. Then you return to "normal" life and realize that all of it is 99% absurd when compared to the sound of the ocean and an infinite sky.

2) Rain, thunderstorms, etc. - In Texas, for a few million years, June has been hot and sunny -- around 96 degrees and dry as a bone. This June, 18 of 28 days it has been raining and thundering. Seriously, the End is Near. Water was about a half inch below my garage 'entrance level' last night. Got 3 inches around noon and another 3 inches around sunset.

Anyway, gotta run -- I swear ta gawd I hear thunder again!


PS: My best line: standing on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, a castle of clouds, a divine beam of light pouring through like God's own flashlight, a faint roar of Mother La Mer, salt, spray, and a few dolphins leaping in the water...

I turned to the wife and said:

*"This is what the Universe does when you LEAVE IT ALONE."

*(C) 2004 Krash Kreative aka Shark