Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bernie Kerik Goes Down on Bush


And chalk one up for the skeletons in the closet of the nation's over-hyped "top cop".

For once (in four long horrible years), a Bush appointee was discovered to be a criminal BEFORE HE OFFICIALLY BEGAN WORKING FOR THE Bush Administration.

Friday night, (at 8:30 pm, the typical 'dead news' time during which the Bushies have always announced bad news!) -- Bernie Kerik, of the NYPD, had to 'remove his name for consideration' from the Homeland Security nomination.

Apparently, the guy who was to oversee the movement of suspicious illegal aliens and untaxed, laundered terrorist cash in the US was undermined by his 'nanny' -- a suspicious illegal alien who probably doesn't pay a lot of US and NY taxes -- since she gets paid in laundered cash by NYPD's Top Cop.

Ahahaha. See how fun this can be!

Everyone was shocked, but they didn't fool me for a second.

And I still believe the nanny thing is a smoke-screen for numerous other, more serious 'crimes' and accusations rattling around in Kerik's closet.

Taser-Boy apparently made a cool $6 million off of his TASER stocks; and he was both "top cop" in America's largest city, and top marketing mouth in his position on the TASER Board of Directors.

Look, I hate to say I told you, but I didn't like this guy the first time I saw him strut up to a michrophone in one of those phoney "Let's calm america" speeches around 9/11.

Kerik reminds me of a few dozen PE coaches I had in high school back in the 1960s: The loose-cannon with a burr haircut. The ex-Marine drill instructor who secretly loves other men, wants to have sex with the boys basketball team, and yet has spent a lifetime denying his homosexuality because to be a homo would mean he's not as macho as he likes to pretend.

But he still likes to hang with the boyz, whether it's in the marine barracks, the high school locker room, or the cop's lounge down at the local Irish pub.

And I'd also bet that one could spit near Kerik and hit some NY mafioso connections.

Well, either way, Kerik is out of the running, and the Bush Administration has to find another candidate with equal qualifications.


Is Roy Cohn still alive?



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