Friday, September 03, 2004

Iraq? I-what? Who Gives a Shit?

As we dilly-dally with the details and/or lies and/or commercials (don't they always lie?) surrounding what happened to a presidential candidate in a disastrous, ill-advised war that happened 35 years ago, I began to wonder:

As Bush and Kerry continue to play a violin duet while Rome burns,

what's missing from the presidential debate?

As a matter of fact, what's missing from the news, the national dialogue, and everyone's consciousness -- (except worried parents and spouses of military folk stationed in that hell-hole of a QUAGMIRE called "Iraq"?)

Iraq? Wha?


Remember that place? WMDs? Terrorists? Al Qaeda? IMMINENT THREAT?

Yeah, I know Tommy Franks, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick "I had other priorities" Cheney, and President "AWOL in Alabama" don't count the ghosts that hover over their fucking heads at night while they sleep in their comfy beds in Washington, but here's the latest number:

As of 09/03/04 10 AM CST:


And before you start with the "That's not many compared to other wars!" --- don't even fucking go there. That's not many if you're defending Americans or their explicit interests relative to freedom and self-defense -- WHICH THEY'RE NOT.

It's a fucking criminal enterprise if you're doing it because you had a neo-con erection that you just had to stick in the oil-filled sand of Iraq -- and lied and/or distorted the intelligence in order to convince the American people that it was not only necessary, but HAD NO COST.

Bush. Cheney. Rumsfeld.

Liars. Motherfucking Liars. Traitors sending innocent warriors to their meaningless deaths.

(Oh, wait, Baghdad has health care and satellite TV. Neverfuckingmind. I don't, but Baghdad does. Halley-fuckin'-luyah!)

BTW: No matter what you pricks say, Iraq doesn't meet that criteria -- that it was a threat to American interests; that it was an explicit example of American interests (other than ego and oil -- that is...); NO. It never has met the criteria for WAR. We weren't THREATENED. Our leaders saw an opportunity to make some quick bucks from a "reconstruction effort" -- to line the pockets of their supporters, ex-associates (Halliburton) 'political contributors, and to LOOK TOUGH.

Our soldiers are dying for a hasty decision, a mistake, a mindless gamble based on greed, arrogance, neo-con fantasies, erroneous intelligence, and a distinct lack of intelligence in the Oval Office.

And here's what this election is all about:

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

(Bush didn't ask THAT at the recent GOP/Nuremberg Convention, did he?)

And while you're at it, ask the families of the 978 DEAD AMERICANS -- the families of those who died for a lie, the families of those who died for a mistake, died for an egotistical hard-on by the most radical assholes in American history.

And don't tell me you're a Conservative. A conservative would have opposed this shit. A Conservative would have questioned the evidence, questioned the COSTS, questioned the rationale behind yet another American police action in a fucked up bass-ackwards nation that couldn't attack the U.S. by firing RPGs from the backs of donkeys.


I noticed that over at Blogcritics, after we spent months and months in daily debates about the war in Iraq, there is suddenly a deafening silence about the war in Iraq.

I know most Americans are sick of hearing about Iraq; it's frustrating; it appears to be an infinite drain on lives and resources, a Vietnam-like quagmire pit from which we'll never emerge victorious -- but that's no excuse. You need to pay as much attention as the parents who hear the doorbell and see two mournful military officials standing on their front porch.

Tired of Iraq? Sick of bad news?


You need to pay attention to our "military strategy" -- how we won't enter a 'mosque' (a holy site for a bunch of ignorant, deeply 'religious' motherfuckers who were the first to practice Bush's "faith-based initiatives" --- see those Twin Towers going down? That's 'faith based' -- you fucking idiots!) -- even though that same 'holy site' harbors a stockpile of weapons and a small army of murderous house-apes who kill American GIs at will.

You need to pay attention to that -- especially if you're one of those blind assholes who denies any similarity to Vietnam. ("We could have won if they would have let us. That will never happen again!" Yeah. Remember that shit? Motherfucking hypocrites.)

So what's up with that?






Bush the Commander in Chief -- (who never mentions "bin Laden" anymore.)

Bush, who aspires to a Higher Authority -- whose only goal is to drive the world toward his Book of Revelation-inspired Armageddon so he can feel the rapture and abandon the Oval Office for a front row seat in Heaven.

Iraq. Yeah, we have a year-and-a-half perspective; Let's hear some overall analysis from the Neo-Con dickheads.

Ill-advised militaristic BULLSHIT.

...make that "Bush-Shit".

And you really need to pay attention, especially if you were part of the Garrulous Right-Wing that was constantly telling us that there was really a reason to invade Iraq, that things were getting better, that they would continue to get better, and that after we turned over "sovereignty", things would be fucking hunky-dory.

You need to pay attention, because half a dozen Americans have died in the last few days. They're acting as 'police' in a couple of medieval cities in Iraq, and they're being picked off like fucking fruit flies.

And now I'll pay attention, 'cause I want to hear some Right Wing, Bush-loving motherfucker tell me about Iraq, what a good thing it is, how it's getting better, and how we're ever going to get out of this thing.

I want to hear that from the handful of "Moderate" speakers they could round up for the upcoming Republican Convention.

And I want to hear it from you -- the people who spent the last year and a half arguing that Iraq was an honorable endeavor.

I'm all ears, motherfuckers.


Blogger Blog Bloke said...

Hey Shark, stop sitting on the fence and make your point (just kiddin' so please don't hit cause I'm a pacifist).

Congrats on your new site and give 'em hell bro!

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