Sunday, June 06, 2004

Shit! I'm nationwide!

First, I was quoted in "Australian Art" magazine. (And no, it wasn't printed upside down.)

Then I had a few works featured at two galleries in Europe; one in Holland featuring 'homages' to Mondrian, the other a great site about "Monopoly Game" art.

And now, I'm mentioned in an article in the student paper at "Middlebury College" -- whatever and wherever the hell that is.

Some 'art critic' was writing about the use of... um... shit... in art, and he included a few lines about my infamous masterpiece, "Poop Christ". I'm excited about the whole thing, but what really thrills me is the title of the short article: (check out this excerpt)

Is it Art?
By Chris Grosso
Published: Thursday, February 26, 2004

"Now that's crap! I'm not being an obnoxious art critic. It really is crap. Call it whatever you'd like - dung, droppings or fecal matter. Somehow, poop has become a medium and inspiration for an unbelievable number of artists. I use the word "unbelievable" because I'm shocked that such a thing could influence anybody. Animal waste is actually used in paintings, drawings and, wait, even sculptures. Yes, I did say sculptures. People actually pick up crap. Ekkk!

America got its first glimpse of poop when Chris Ofili's "Holy Virgin Mary" was displayed in the Brooklyn Museum of Art, in New York in 1999. Do you remember the Virgin Mary slung with elephant dung? At first glance Ofili's work seemed like an abstraction of a pre-Renaissance, stylized black Madonna, set off against a golden background. But a closer inspection revealed a clump of elephant dung at her right breast. Two more clumps, labeled "virgin" and "Mary," served as supports for the painting. (Yes, it smelled.) The highly controversial piece and exhibition stirred up a lot of discussion about modern art, the validity of the medium itself and the desecration of the Virgin Mary.

...In 2003, American artist Mark Caywood created a mixed media sculpture entitled "Poop Christ." He wedged a crucifix into a pile of hardened elephant dung and pasted it there with Elmer's glue. Luckily he included a Glade Indoor Air freshener to suppress the odor.

...While sculpting feces is probably one of the most repulsive activities, feces has also become the theme of short stories, the bright idea behind websites and butt of many jokes. One of the most prolific literature sites is It goes by the slogan "Your #1 Source for Your #2 Business."

full article here.


Blogger Dirtgrain said...

It's good to see that your shit is adding up to something. The poop Jesus idea reminds me of an interview with Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myth?). He described a myth that featured hippopotamus poop. When hippos poop, it comes out pretty juicy. Their skinny, curly tails waggle around, and the poop gets spread out. The poop is great fertilizer; hence, new life sprays from the hippo ass. In the myth, the hippo's ass is the source of the universe and life. I think I got the story right.

Let's try to convince Bush to worship the hippo's ass. We can tell him that he, the wounded Fisher King, will be restored to health when he finds the chosen one hippo and sticks his head up its ass. Can you think of a better place for George to put his head?

4:45 PM  
Blogger Shark said...

Dirt, thanks for the kind words. I think.

You read Joseph Campbell? Man, I knew we had a affinity there somewhere.

Unfortunately, every wannabee writer and every hack agent, producer, and script reader in Hollywood is now quoting Campbell, so he's on my "corrupt and to be avoided" list.

I'm moving over to Warhol's "My Philosophy from A to B" as a guide to living. He's passe again, so I think I'll be fine.

For a while.

As to the shit art work, the writer of that article had no sense of humor and no concept of satire. Just like 99% of the participants on Blogcritics.

The hippo poop suggestion obviously exempt present company.

Thanks again for stopping by --

5:45 PM  
Blogger CW Fisher said...

I was just googling Fisher King and this came up.

Shark, I had no idea you were so famous! Me too! That's pretty cool.

I too am a Campbell fan. He advised me to follow my bliss. It's harder than it sounds, depending on your bliss. This guy I used to help out from time to time had brain damage, lived alone, long story, found his bliss in masturbation and literally turned his mighty sword into an oozing mash of mush. Guy smelled like death, but he was a real sweet guy, just ALL fucked up. He'd never been with a woman and he was embarrassed about it. I said ok ok, I'll set you up with a good urologist, and I did, but she only made him hard as a rock, or a mashed banana, and he was mortified, but grateful, but scared because now he had to have dick surgery. Dick Surgery. The second husband on Bewitched. So I take him to surgery. He wants me to go with him. You started this, he said. He was brain damaged but no dummy. He has surgery, afterward the doctor takes me aside says he had an erection all through surgery, so it won't be the cleanest wound. And I thought, what the fuck? Did you HAVE to TOUCH it? Obviously more anesthetic was required. Anyway. The day next day, on the phone, bleeding like a pig, like a pig, a stuck pig in the toilet, he says, and can I come over? Months this goes on. All this time I reading Joseph Campbell. I finally found my bliss when I told him not to call anymore, and I've basically had it since.

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freak! Everyone gets lonely at times but they hardley set around and write to themselves. Don't you ever go to those Star Trek conventions?

7:00 AM  
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